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Bankruptcy, business, social security and estate planning laws in the states of Texas and Arkansas can be very complex. With 20 years of experience providing exceptional legal assistance to residents of Texarkana, Camden, El Dorado and Magnolia, Graham Law Firm is well-equipped to help you and your family face whatever legal matter is in front of you.

The information below provides a brief overview of Graham Law Firm’s practice areas. Click the title links for more information. We encourage you to call the Texas office at (903) 223-9797 or the Arkansas office at (870) 234-9100 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case!


Chapter 7

If you earn more money than your state’s median income for your household size, you may not be eligible to file chapter 7 bankruptcy and will likely have to file chapter 13 in order to pay a percentage of all of your unsecured debts. If you make below the median income in your state for your household size, then you may file chapter 7 and discharge all of your unsecured debts.

Chapter 12

If you are a farmer, fisherman or, just recently, the owner of a plant nursery, you could be eligible to file for chapter 12 bankruptcy. Chapter 12 bankruptcy affords most of the same privileges of chapter 13 bankruptcy, including the ability to retain ownership of some assets such as property and vehicles. Furthermore, chapter 12 filers have more leniency in debt limits than chapter 13 filers, including the lack of distinction between secured and unsecured debt, and have more time to file. Small businesses and partnerships may file for chapter 12, whereas chapter 13 filers must be individuals.

Chapter 13

Debtors who have a continuous flow of income are eligible to file chapter 13 bankruptcy. Debtors can have up to $922,975 in secured debt and $307,675 in unsecured debt. Before filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be required to take a credit counseling course. This can be done on your own, though if you would like assistance, we are more than willing to refer you to a qualified credit counselor.

Social Security Disability

While Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is available to disabled and/or elderly people whose incomes are exceptionally low, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is available only to those disabled people who have worked for a requisite number of years. Regardless of your age, if you have a medical disability that prevents you from maintaining employment, you may be able to claim benefits from the Social Security Administration.

Domestic Relations

If you need help with a family law matter, we are here to help you explore and understand your options. Whether you are pursuing an adoption, contesting a child support obligation, creating a child custody agreement, looking to modify a spousal support arrangement, or need assistance with another domestic matter, Graham Law Firm is ready to walk you through the process with compassion. Together, we will help you achieve your goals and effectively resolve your domestic relations legal matter.

Estate Planning & Probate

If you are considering planning for the future, there is no better place to start than developing a comprehensive estate plan. Whether you’re interested in learning more about the probate process in Texas and/or Arkansas, establishing a will or living trust, or would simply like to learn more about gun trusts or advanced health care directives, Graham Law Firm can help you develop comprehensive documentation for your budding legacy.

Other Areas of Practice

  • Contracts and Contract Disputes
  • Corporate and Business Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Real Estate

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