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Attorney David C. Graham’s principle objective during client consultations is to get to know you and your family in order to better understand the particular problems/questions you have regarding your estate plan. For instance, do you have any tax-related issues which may affect your trust? Do you have beneficiaries who are minors, disabled, elderly, etc.?

Planning for your future can be emotionally trying and exceedingly complex. David understands this, which is why he has dedicated his professional career to helping families in Camden, El Dorado, Texarkana and Magnolia with estate planning issues. With extensive experience regarding living trusts, advanced healthcare directives and gun trusts, attorney David C. Graham is the lawyer you want on your side to secure your future.

The Benefits of Establishing a Living Trust

More often than not, living trusts mitigate numerous estate planning needs that cannot often be satisfied any other way. For example, joint living trusts minimize or avoid estate taxes and prevent spouses from distributing the assets of their deceased spouse to future spouses and/or stepchildren. Living trusts also support and/or educate parents, children, and grandchildren on techniques to control the finances of young children. Additionally, a family business can often be operated more efficiently and profitably in a living trust than in a probate estate.

Probate and Estate Administration

Texas and Arkansas both have clear procedures for handling a person’s affairs after they pass away. When someone dies with a will in place, the will enters what is known as “probate,” or the process of carrying out the wishes expressed in the will. When someone dies “intestate,” or without a will in place, the division of the deceased’s estate and assets is determined by the court. The probate process can be lengthy and disputes may arise among beneficiaries, so it is helpful to have a knowledgeable probate attorney to help you and your family navigate the process effectively. Graham Law Firm offers assistance with probate and estate administration that will allow you to move through the disbursal of your loved one’s estate as smoothly and as equitably as possible.

Advanced Healthcare Directives

Simply defined, advanced healthcare directives allow you to inform loved ones and medical professionals about the kind of care you’d like to receive when you are no longer able to communicate those preferences yourself. In your durable power of attorney for health-related issues, you may provide your agent with the authority to oversee the preferences you’ve established in your health care declaration, as well as the authority to make other necessary, health-related decisions on your behalf.

Gun Trusts

A gun trust is a special type of trust designed to address issues unique to the possession of firearms. Countless law-abiding citizens use gun trusts to acquire and enjoy weapons regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA). Typically, gun trusts are revocable living trusts intended to address the rights of the parties to the gun trust regarding the use, possession and/or transfer of guns. Gun trusts determine how an individual or married couple’s firearms will be managed during their lifetime, as well as in the event of their invalidity and/or death.

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Attorney David C. Graham has made estate planning his life’s work to assist Texas and Arkansas families plan their legacies and care for their families long after they are gone. Whether you and your loved ones are considering establishing a living trust, gun trust and/or advanced healthcare directive, make sure you consult with Graham Law Firm as quickly as possible.

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